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Survival Of The Fittest

by | 11th, March 2004

‘IF the world ended tomorrow, what would you do? You would, of course, do nothing, much as you do now.

A year’s ration of Anthea Turner

If the TV continued to broadcast a signal, it’d probably take most of you a few years before you noticed anything was up, and only then after you’d realised the night’s episode of Changing Rooms had been on nine times before.

The biggest impact to your life would be if the electricity supply went down. What then would you do? Light a candle? Pah! Don’t flatter yourself, you’d probably try to plug it in.

You need training in readiness for the end of life as you know it. And actor Nick Frost is happy to give you a few pointers in what to do.

Tonight on FIVE at 7:15 Frost takes advice from former Navy SEAL Jim Martin in how to avoid being shot if someone if shooting at you.

You, a sitting target in your Comfi-Slax and E-Z Chair, would not last too long. Frost, however, would survive, and go onto survive a tribal attack in the jungle, a charging tank and hypothermia.

He’d also know how to keep the human race going in the aftermath of a global disaster. It gives little away to say that the recipe for survival involves a Mini Cooper, a string of copper wire and a signed photograph of Anthea Turner.

Failing that, Vanessa Feltz will make a human race, of sorts…’

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