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by | 12th, March 2004

‘STARSKY & Hutch might have been a great recruiting tool for the US police force, but we suspect that many who joined were disappointed to discover that real life was rather different from the show.

The CIA needs you

On the positive side, there would have been relief that there wasn’t a standard issue cardigan that detectives were supposed to wear.

But on the negative side, there was also a whole lot less careering round the city in a Ford Torino, sliding over the roof of cars and having shoot-outs with bad guys.

One suspects that CIA recruits will be similarly disappointed to find that life as a spy is not as it appears in the ABC show, Alias.

But the CIA are doing a good job in blurring the line between real life and make-believe by using the show’s star Jennifer Garner to help recruit new agents.

The actress, who plays all-action spy Sydney Bristow on TV, tells people who log onto the CIA website that the agency is looking for people with “wide-ranging talents, integrity, common sense, patriotism and courage who want to make a difference in the world”.

Failing that, however, they’ll take the same gung-ho cowboys – and men who frequent lap dancing clubs – that they’ve been taking for years.’

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