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Terrible Television

by | 12th, March 2004

‘WITH the proliferation of docu-dramas and reality TV shows, it takes a while to believe that The Worst Week Of My Life, BBC1’s new comedy offering, is actually fictional.

Sarah Alexander prepares for another put down

The presence of Ben Miller and Sarah Alexander as the two leads – Howard and Mel – who are about to be married helps to set it apart from the normal fare of fly-on-the-wall voyeurfests.

But the subject matter – how the preparations for what is supposed to be the happiest day of Howard and Mel’s life start to come unravelled – would lend itself perfectly to the Driving School-Airport school of programme-making.

Indeed, one imagines that the only reason that The Worst Week Of My Life was made as a comedy was because the BBC drama department saw it before the BBC documentary.

Tonight’s first episode sets the tone for the whole series – anything that can go wrong will go wrong…and then some. Think Meet The Parents meets Whitehall farce.’

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