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by | 12th, March 2004

‘STARS are at pains to explain to the watching millions that what you see is not the real them.

Calista lightens the load

While the Hollywood persona is a vain, often bitchy, frequently insecure psychotic, the real me is a happy-go-lucky jobbing thespian.

Sure, they are rich, drive around in fancy cars, take holidays in unpronounceable places and pull on new breasts and noses like the rest of us pull on socks, but they are in every other way our equals.

And if you doubt that, you should take a look at the stars without their make-up, a revelation brought to you by the National Enquirer.

In “28 pictures they did not want you to see”, the Enquirer reveals that beneath the trappings “Hollywood’s stars are not all that”.

Some like Edie Falco and Diane Keaton are not all that with make-up on, so seeing them in the raw fails to produce the invited gasps of horror.

Indeed, what promises so much in the headlines peters out to not much at all, as we get to see that Sarah Jessica Parker, the long-faced skinny one from Sex And The City, is pretty much as she is – long-faced and skinny.

Her SATC co-star, Cynthia Nixon, is every bit as red of hair and pale of flesh without the warpaint as she is with it. So no great shock there, either.

Calista Flockhart does look half the woman in weight alone without a good layer of lipstick and eyeliner, and Kate Hudson’s features seem to have disappeared entirely when greasepaint is not applied.

But the only real news is that Catherine Zeta Jones look pretty good without make-up as she does with it, although rumour has it that things alter radically when she eats.

Sadly photographs of that are proving very hard to come by…’

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