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Short Shrift

by | 15th, March 2004

‘THESE are hard times indeed. And we read with interest the Mirror’s story of one Adam Smith.

Clare decided it was best to wade in after the event

The father of classical economics, revealed to be just 14-years-old, found himself in deep water when a fight broke out at his school.

“FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” chanted the baying crowd that soon assembled around the two scrapping scamps.

And in that number was young Adam. He knew what to do. His dad, Mark, had told him that if he sees a fight he should not get involved.

So he did nothing, adopting the position of one Clare Short and, while not approving, nonetheless standing his ground and observing from a privileged vantage point.

But then a shock as headmistress Ingrid Masters of Winton Boys’ School, Bournemouth, strode forwards and pulled the fighters apart.

She was appalled at the lapse in what she calls “high standards of behaviour” and gave the lads a detention. And for good measure, she gave one to Adam too.

Adam is not best pleased, and denies any wrongdoing. But it is too late. The detention stands and Adam must pay.

Which is a lesson to all of us in these times: doing nothing gets you nowhere. And being seen to do nothing gets you even less far – although you may well one day get to be an MP.’

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