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Three Bald Mice

by | 15th, March 2004

‘MICE have never to our knowledge suffered particularly from baldness.

Regular exercise can also help

However, there is good news for any mouse who is going a bit thin on top in this morning’s Independent, which reports that researchers have been able to transplant the stem cells of one animal’s hair follicles to enable hair to grow on the bald patch of another mouse.

Of course, the reason the paper is interested in the study, published in the latest edition of Nature Biotechnology (available at old good bookshops), is not because of concern for folically challenged mice.

It is because scientists think that the discovery of the skin cells that are responsible for a good head of hair could lead to a cure for human baldness.

As for the mice, surely scientists would be better served looking for a cure for blindness.

There are at least three animals who would benefit from any breakthrough in that area, not to mention advances in tail transplant technology.’

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