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by | 15th, March 2004

‘WHEN Australian Lee Collinson was pulled over by police for driving without a licence, he needed to come up with a good excuse fast. And he did.

He told cops that he was on an urgent mercy mission. “My cousin was about to (have sex with) this girl,” he said, “and he needed his bum bag because it had his condoms in it.’

Magistrate David Loadman, fining Collinson $100, said: ‘Carrying condoms to a mate who is in desperate need must be something much better than the good Samaritan ever did. I cannot imagine the scene. This woman, about to embrace passionately, is waiting for the condom arrival. Bizarre in the extreme. When the Poms ask Australians to define mateship, your circumstances could serve as a very good example.’

After the verdict, 24-year-old Collinson, of Darwin, said: ‘I don’t regret my actions and I would do it again. My cousin is like a brother to me. And at least he was practising safe sex. He was being responsible. He got the condoms and I think he had a good night.”

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