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For Crying Out Loud

by | 16th, March 2004

‘STAYING with the sporting theme, Kate Winslet has given her man the equivalent of the football chairman’s vote of confidence in his manager.

‘Have you met my second husband?’

The Mail has seen a tape of an interview given by the Titanic star a few weeks after the birth of her daughter, and is aghast at what is learns.

‘I had a baby,’ says Winslet in interview with a US satellite TV channel. ‘His father is Sam Mendes.

‘He is a wonderful… I will start crying in a minute because I’m so emotional because we just had a baby.’

Gulp! We’re fighting back the tears ourselves. And with no little risk of electrocution, we read on through the waterfall.

‘Excuse me. I’m very, very happy right now. Oh God, have you got any gin. He is a wonderful, wonderful man.’

The Express hears the same interview, but the Mail remembers when Winslet once behaved in a similar fashion a couple of years back and declared her massive and bounteous love for her then husband, Jamie Threapleton.

The Express says her more recent performance was ‘worthy of an Oscar’, suggesting that Winslet is not being entirely herself.

This is a slight on her character, although rumours abound that Mendes’ performances have not be so good of late and it might be time for him to make way for a new broom.’

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