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Slipping The Mickie

by | 16th, March 2004

‘CASUALTY should run and run forever. How can the show ever run out of plots?

‘Who’s taking the Mickie, then?’

If it needs sensation, the writers can just cause a pile up on the M4 between a Boeing 747 and a small coach full of kiddies. Oh, and a dog.

If it needs to look up-to-date, with its finger on the pulse, it can play at politics and have a minister visit with the Machiavellian hospital governors.

And if wants to get men to watch, writers can remind mankind that nurses are not medical professionals at all but out-of-work lap-dancers and extras from Footballers’ Wives.

Pricked by the arrival of No Angels, Casualty welcomes two new arrivals tonight in the shapely shape of Donna and Mickie.

They look all very prim and proper in their uniforms. And yesterday we saw that they look pretty good out of them too, as the Star shot Kelly Adams (Mickie) and Jaye Jacobs (Donna) in their underwear.

And it was clean underwear, because you can never be too careful about these things, and if you are run over by a bus, the very last thing you’d want is to be serviced by a nurse in anything untoward, or dirty.’

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