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Mothers’ Girl

by | 17th, March 2004

‘ASKED which woman in the public eye they considered a good role model for other mothers, it’s a fair bet that in 1976 Marge Simpson wouldn’t have got much of a look-in.

Marge felt guilty about spending all her housekeeping money on a boob job

But in a survey by the Mothers’ Union, an Anglican charity of which the Archbishop of Canterbury is a patron, the matriarch of the cartoon Simpsons family is head, shoulders and tall blue hair above today’s competition.

According to the Times, Marge received 23.2% of the vote, ahead of Lorraine Kelly (18.8%), Cherie Blair (15.2%0 and Victoria Beckham (12.7%).

The paper says that Marge’s down-to-earth advice, such as telling her three children to ‘listen to your heart and not the voices in your head’ is widely admired.

‘Young people,’ it says, ‘would love their own mothers to be similarly open and frank, particularly about the facts of life.’

This latest vote of confidence in the Simpsons marks an amazing transformation from the time when Barbara Bush said it was ‘the dumbest thing that she had ever seen’.

Given that she had given birth to George Dubya, that was some insult…’

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