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by | 17th, March 2004

‘NO prizes for guessing whom George Harrison would have wanted to play him in The Beatles reunion tour.

‘Stop with your weeping already!’

With Oasis faltering and Gareth Gates not the force he once was, the Express opts for Dhani Harrison, George’s son – and the resemblance is ‘eerie’.

Just like dad, Dhani has a mop of black hair, pouting lips and a guitar. He also had his mouth closed as he took to the stage to mark his father’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

But Dhani wants to be considered on his own artistic merits, and says he just wants to make music ‘without the whole My Dad thing hanging over me’.

But it’s not easy, and in this age of celebrity any link to a famous name is exploited to the full. And so as to not leave anyone in any doubt as to your lineage, best have the same name as your famous ancestor.

So the great-great-great-great grandson of John Constable, the revered English artist, is in the headlines.

Although only six, this new John Constable displays a rare genius with the brush and has just won the coveted second prize in the Young Art East Anglia Contest.

‘I am very pleased,’ says John. ‘I like the painting that I did and I hope I can do a better one some day.’

A look at his fine work, a watercolour of a white ship on a green and blue sea, suggests that more is to come.

Indeed, young John might even be ahead of the game since his father, also called John Constable, cannot confirm if the other John Constable produced any works of note at a similar age.

As such, John’s work-in-progress, a picture of a horse pulling a wagon though a river, is sure to propel him to the dizzy heights of the arts world – and perhaps even first place in next year’s contest.’

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