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Amber Alert

by | 17th, March 2004

‘HER attempts to bump off her husband having backfired (with Frank looking at a new lease of life rather than the inside of a coffin), Tanya sets her sights on trying to wreck Conrad’s marriage.

Tanya tells Darren Day: ‘Even I’ve got standards’

Last week, Conrad’s wife Amber emerged bedraggled from the woods following her ‘kidnap’, but Tanya knows Amber better than this – so tonight she sets about making sure that Conrad knows his missus has been telling porkies.

It’s easier said than done as Conrad is so glad to have his unhinged wife back in his arms that he isn’t in the mood for the truth (especially from Tanya), although he belatedly has to accept that he has been tricked.

Yes, it is of course another episode of Footballers’ Wives tonight – a programme that is now so far removed from events on the pitch at Earls’ Park that it might be mistaken for a fly-on-the-wall documentary about Leicester City.

Elsewhere, the odious Darren Day talks about his image as a love rat on Tabloid Tales, while the diaries of another womaniser, Alan Clark, are dramatised on BBC2.’

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