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Cat’s Litter

by | 17th, March 2004

‘HOW lucky Carlo, Larissa and Luca are to have a mum like Catrina Skepper!

‘A crash of drums, a flash of light…’

Not only was Catrina once linked to Prince Andrew, but she has blonde hair, a home in Chelsea and a husband called Count Alessandro Guerrini-Maraldi.

But resist the urge to send Catrina a Mother’s Day card since she has no time to open them what with her busy schedule of posing for pictures and the hours spent thinking how lucky she is.

You see, for ages Catrina did not think she could get pregnant. ‘I thought I was hormonal,’ she says, recalling the time she attended the funeral of her husband’s father.

‘In the church, at his memorial in London, I remember this amazing beam of light came through the window and suddenly I had this strange instinct that I was pregnant.’

(By sheer coincidence at the very same moment the driver of the No.73 night bus from Knightsbridge to Stoke Newington had a feeling that his bus was running out of control and heading towards a packed church.)

And so a baby – nay, a ray of light – came into her life. And Catrina had three children to tell their staff to send mummy cards and flowers once a year – every year!’

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