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Cherie’s Baby

by | 17th, March 2004

”CHERIE Lunghi runs a hand through her shiny hair, the colour of deep chestnut, and fixes you with those ice-blue eyes.’

With one leg much longer than the other, Cherie had great trouble walking properly

So says Hello! as it zooms in on another mother, interviewing the actress in her London home.

Oh, and just in case you’re curious, there’s her 18-year-old daughter, Nathalie, from Cherie’s relationship with director Roland Joffe.

Before we go on, Nathalie wants it to be known that she does not need the exposure of being Cherie’s daughter and the daughter of the man who directed such notable flicks as the Killing Fields and The Spongers.

She might well be about to leave for LA, where she will embark on a three-month course at the Lee Strasberg acting school, but she wants to make the journey to fame under her own steam.

‘It’ll be good for Nats to be out of my shadow,’ says Cherie. ‘I’ve always wanted her to succeed on her own merit. But then so has she. She’s dying to be the actress and not the daughter of the actress.’ Or of the director.

So she’s going to appear in a couple more pictures with her mum and then she’ll off on her own, like a fledgling leaving the nest, albeit with her mother’s sage-like advice reverberating in her ears.

‘But she has never hidden how precarious this profession can be,’ says Nathalie of her mum, whom she will not mention. ”Do it if you feel you must,’ she says, ‘and love it. But do understand you’ll meet a lot of rejection along the way.’ I’m determined to succeed, though.’

And with that she’s off, leaving her mother behind, a mother who loved enough to let her go with barely a push up fame’s greasy pole.’

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