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Lust In Translation

by | 18th, March 2004

‘AS for Oxford dons, they apparently fit the role of Romancer, ‘calculating seducer, who dislikes women but pursues them’, or Manchild, ‘ageing stud with rich tastes and little dignity’.

A typical sociology undergraduate

Or, as we used to know them before Stephen Whitehead published his taxonomy, Dirty Old Men.

That, says the Telegraph, explains the bias at Oxford in favour of female applicants, particularly those from independent schools.

A study by four academics has discovered that privately-educated girls applying to read medicine had the best chance of being offered a place, followed by state-educated girls, privately-educated boys and state-educated boys.

Similar results were discovered in physics, while – conversely – law and modern languages, both of which have a high number of female dons, showed no such bias.

‘I fear that the male lust hypothesis is part of the explanation,’ said one of the report’s authors, AH Halsey, professor of sociology.

And with that, he went back to his class The Bikini: The Sociology of Beachwear in Post-Industrial South Of France.

‘Ms Schiffer, your thoughts please…”

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