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by | 18th, March 2004

‘JUST because he shares a surname with the famous German playwright, it does not mean that Davaugn Goethe inherited any of his namesake’s brains.

Indeed, it appears that the 17-year-old failed to inherit any brains at all.

The Connecticut teenager was arrested after flagging down an unmarked police car, jumping into the back seat and trying to sell drugs to the occupants.

That may not sound that stupid until you learn that the two officers inside the car both had the word ‘Police’ on their jackets.

Goethe apparently even told the two officers: “You guys look like cops.”

If you wonder what undercover cops are doing wearing jackets with ‘Police’ on them, a spokesman explained that the officers were wearing raid jackets because they were looking for fugitives and didn’t want to be mistaken for anything but police officers.’

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