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Can You Repeat The Question?

by | 18th, March 2004

‘YOUR writer was not always locked in a dungeon away from it all. Where now the naked and broken light bulb swings, there was once a vision of the sun. (Is it still there, gentle reader?)

The hot seat

Back then, I once took a taxi cab driven by a certain Fred Housego, or “’Ows-ego”, as was his wont.

I found him no less than the genius who won Mastermind back when it was the big brainbox show on TV, as he managed to not say a single word to me during the journey.

Fred knew that I was not worth the effort, talking to me would have been a waste of his brainpower.

How different things are now that Mastermind has a celebrity element, and its contestants are not train drivers and librarians but jobbing celebs.

Tonight’s show has the previously likeable Jonathan Meades, Adam Hart-Davis, the increasingly tired Vic Reeves and the female Danny Baker that is Janet Street-Porter seeking to display their expertise in stuff.

As usual, Magnus Magnusson asks the questions. And you at home are invited to join in and see how well you do.

Of course, you have something of a head start – what with this being the BBC and all, the show has been on before and thus the questions already asked.

Anyone getting less than full marks should hang their heads in shame. And be sent to the dungeon. (How d’yer think I got here?)’

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