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A Mysterious Case

by | 19th, March 2004

‘COAL mining does not make the list of the most satisfying careers to be employed in.

Arthur was surprised by Maggie’s ankles

This is not a great surprise since finding a coal man is harder than finding a happy estate agent or a mother proud of being too posh to push.

But the Mirror has caught up with one of this rare breed and shines a Davy lamp at the goings-on of one Arthur Scargill, the man who took on Maggie Thatcher and lost.

And it’s bad news and good news. The good news is that Arthur is doing fine. The bad news is that he’s got a sore head after being knocked out cold on the concourse of a Sheffield train station.

Arthur was boarding a train when he collided with a case being wheeled by a woman. The identity of his assailant is not revealed, but eyewitnesses recall a set of alluring ankles and squinty eyes.

What’s more, the fall accounted for Arthur’s elbow, which became broken. Staff at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield have worked tirelessly to fix the offending limb and Arthur is said to be on the mend.

He will soon have more power to his elbow, and be able to hoist a placard and a wield a pickaxe.

Although, sadly, not give birth, a job that is beyond even Arthur’s considerable talents…’

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