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The Ex Diet

by | 22nd, March 2004

‘MARTINE McCutcheon swears by the Sex Diet, claiming a while ago that “loada shagging” was responsible for her weight loss.

Charlotte’s keep-fit regime was a hard snog

But Charlotte Church today puts the case for the Ex Diet, claiming that she has lost 14 stone of excess weight since she dumped her boyfriend – and only 12.5 of that belonged to Steven Johnson.

“Gone are the baggy clothes she wore with the cheating DJ,” says the Mirror. “In have come a host of close-fitting outfits that complement her new shape.”

But what – apart from heartache – has caused Charlotte to lose her puppy fat?

Mum Maria explains: “If she wants chocolate, she has chocolate. If she wants pizza, she eats pizza. She is just very lucky.”

The Ex Diet may seem the perfect way for teenaged girls to lose weight – especially if it allows you to eat as much pizza and chocolate as you like.

But, of course, the difficulty with it is that you have to find a boyfriend in the first place to dump – not easy when you’re continually gorging on pizza and chocolate and don’t have a bank account the size of Charlotte Church’s.

So what do you do? Well, you could always try to disguise the excess flab under the orange glow of sunbed tan.

But you’d better hurry – the Express says that a campaign is being launched by Cancer Research UK and the Sunbed Association to try to ban under-16s from using the tanning beds.

It says that all coin-operated salons should be shut down because of the high incidence of skin cancer, 70,000 cases of which are diagnosed each year.

Banned from tanning salons, prohibited by law from indulging in Martine’s Sex Diet, is it any wonder that almost a third of ten-year-olds worry about their weight?

According to a poll for Radio Five Live, carried in this morning’s Mail, a quarter of ten-year-olds are concerned about how they look, while a half fear their diet is unhealthy.

As many as one in five of the children admitted that they didn’t eat fruit and vegetables every day, with pizza being identified as the most popular food.

Let’s just hope that all of them can sing like an angel…’

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