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Days Of Her Life

by | 22nd, March 2004

‘HOW do you pull together the strands of a hectic and sometimes cray-zee showbix life?

Chalk and cheese

You can hire a secretary, a PR, a stylist and someone to run your bath.

But if you’re as refreshingly down to earth as superstar Kerry McFadden, you simply pick up your pen, dip it in some greenish ink and get to work on your diary.

It’s a deeply personal things is a diary, but OK! has found the key to Kerry’s jottings and now sensationally displays the contents therein to the world.

First thing to note is that Kerry’s OK! Diary is not as yours and mine, divided into days of the week, but split into people.

Monday means husband Bryan and the news that Kerry is standing by her man, who has just quit his job in Westlife.

“At the end of the day, if Bryan is happy then I’m happy,” says she – although at the end of the day, if Bryan is with a lap-dancer, Kerry might care to review her position.

Tuesday is Peter and Jordan, to whom she wishes good luck. Kerry is pleased for them and thinks they make a great couple.

“Looking at pictures of them, they make Bryan and me feel like Wayne and Waynetta Slob!”

But before Kerry gets ideas above her station and all hoity-toity, she says that she and Bryan ”never get papped or anything” – although, given the content of her diary, there seems more than enough pap to go around.

Wednesday and it’s Jodie Marsh and Kerry’s hope that the woman who used to date Fran Cosgrove is not pregnant.

“I think it’s tough being a single mother,” says Kerry, “whether you’re in the public spotlight or not.”

She then reminds herself and us that she never met her dad, but “turned out all right – not exactly normal – but I’m all right”.

Thursday is Natalie Appleton, who named her baby son Ace. “If I had a boy, I’d call him Bryan after his daddy,” says Kerry, and not Ace or something “hideous” like Rumor, Scout and Tallulah.

“I picked Molly McFadden as it sounds like a star’s name,” says she, although not a patch on Betelgeuse or Bryan.

“And Lilly didn’t have a name at all for two days. We called her Baby Girl, then Lilly popped into my head… I’ll keep it simple for any little arrivals who might turn up in future!”

Simple is just not in it.

But before we know it, it’s Friday, and that means an appearance in a carriage at the annual St Patrick’s Day carnival in Dublin.

She then watched the England v Ireland rugby match in the back of a car with her minder, who is “100% Irish” and going mad.

“But when Ireland and England play,” says Kerry, “I always become Hungarian.”

But don’t worry, Kerry‘s not into defenestration and feeling suicidal, what with her being only one quarter Hungarian.

She’s just content to duck the issue and so avoid getting stuck in the middle of things.

And so it’s onto Saturday and Sunday, pages left blank in the diary but pretty certain to be called Molly and Lilly…’

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