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Little Mo Is Less

by | 22nd, March 2004

‘IF Kacey Ainsworth published a diary it would most likely say but one thing over and over and over: “BABIES!”

Do not sell this woman an iron

In case anyone is in any doubt about it, the woman who plays the resident EastEnders village idiot Little Mo is eight months pregnant.

With the due date barely a month away, Kacey is getting breathless, and can barely draw breath between each new revelation on her condition.

To keep the oxygen flowing and save Kacey’s brain from freezing up with the sheer breathless excitement of it all, fiancé Darren Hales is along for medical support.

To begin, Kacey tells us that she felt really sick for the first four months of her pregnancy and whatever she ate at lunchtime came straight back up.

What’s more, her pregnancy has nothing to do with the fact that the character she plays on the telly is also pregnant, becoming so after being raped in the Queen Vic pub.

“It was planned for Little Mo to become pregnant before I became pregnant in real life,” says Kacey, “so I have actually blamed the writers for it!

“They jinxed me in the best possible way.”

We should point out that Darren believes in consensual sex and has never been fingered as a suspect in the crime.

However, given the blurring between fiction and what passes for reality, what we knew for sure becomes less certain with every passing day…’

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