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Onward, Christian Slater

by | 22nd, March 2004

‘IS there a word for an addiction to strippers? If not, perhaps the medical profession should invent one to describe the condition.

Christian gets to grips with stripper

With our classical education, may we humbly suggest Gymnophilia – and, as our first celebrity sufferer, may we present Christian Slater.

The diagnosis of Slater’s gymnophilia comes courtesy of the National Enquirer, which reports that the actor spent an entire night at a girlie bar in LA ‘less than one year’ after carousing with strippers in Canada.

And not only has Slater visited a strip bar twice in 12 months, but he is also said to be considering making a movie about his first visit – to Brandi’s Exotic Nightclub in Vancouver.

Then, Slater, wife Ryan Haddon, Tara Reid and Ben Affleck ‘cut it loose’ in what the magazine describes as ‘an outrageous outing’ which was credited as a key reason why Affleck and Jennifer Lopez cancelled their wedding plans.

‘If Slater makes his movie,’ the Enquirer says, ‘his debauched night – which continued with an after-party at his rented house that included group gropes, drugs and booze, oral sex and a stripped shaving Slater’s hairy back – will live on forever.’

In the same way that other stripper movies like Striptease and Showgirls live on in our memories…as among the worst films ever made.’

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