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Lout Is Out

by | 24th, March 2004

‘PASS the marmalade, darling. Thank you. Have you finished with the Mail? Thank you.

The weight of responsibility

Hmmm… Ah… Oh dear, I see that lottery lout has walked free from court again.

You know, the one who won £9.7m and carried on dealing drugs. It says he got off a seven-year sentence in return for doing a 12-month drug testing and treatment order.

Charles Joyce thinks it’s all wrong and send out the wrong messages.

What’s that, darling? Who’s Charles Joyce? He’s that chap from the West Norfolk Crime Reduction Partnership that I was telling you about. You remember. Talks a lot of sense.

That Henry Bellingham chap’s on the right lines too: ‘He is sticking two fingers up at everyone.’ No, darling, he’s not sticking his fingers up – it’s what he said about the lottery lout chap.

Listen to this: ‘Winning the lottery isn’t just someone’s right. It is a massive privilege and with that comes responsibility.’

What’s that, darling? It doesn’t say anything about responsibility on the ticket? Yes, I know but that’s not the point. These things should be obvious to anyone.

Honestly, darling, I sometimes wonder if you listen to anything I say…’

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