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Signs Of Madness

by | 24th, March 2004

‘YOU’LL never guess what they’ve gone and done. What do you mean ‘who’? The busybodies of Brussels, of course.

‘1:2 Gradient – Use Low Gear’

They’ve only gone and passed a law saying that warning signs have to be put up on building sites to prevent falls.

What’s wrong with that? Well it’s obvious – it means that they’ll have to put them on mountains, too.

And that will mean chaos at the UK’s 1,000 licensed outdoor activity centres. Look, it says so in the Star.

‘This is madness,’ said Euro MP Jonathan Evans, Tory MEP for Wales – possibly commenting on the legislation, or maybe just describing the situation in his own head.

The Health and Safety Executive says it wants a common-sense approach. So don’t expect to see many signs on mountains.

Except of course for the ones that say ‘Beware: Icy Patches’.’

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