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Banana Love

by | 24th, March 2004

‘IT’S Wednesday again and that means more Footballers’ Wives – the everyday tale of football folk at Earl’s Park FC.

‘Can I have a new husband please? My old one’s broken’

Tonight, Amber (Conrad’s mad wife) sacks her witch doctor after jabbing pins in a voodoo doll of Tanya (grieving widow of Frank, who was literally shagged to death last week…and of Jason) fails to achieve the desired results.

Meanwhile, Conrad doesn’t seem to mind which side of his bread is buttered, just as long as there’s lots of butter, and is now having a fling with team-mate Noah.

“I like sex,” he explains – just in case the viewers haven’t quite grasped that yet. “Man, woman, banana. Who cares?”

Well, the banana might care, for one.

Kyle (grieving widower of Chardonnay) is getting over his loss by getting his leg over Elaine, the club physio. He has also got a gambling problem and is being drawn deeper and deeper into the underworld fight game.

If the scriptwriters could only add in a bit of dogging, it would almost be like real life.’

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