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Crystal Balls

by | 24th, March 2004

‘SEEING as Cherie Blair’s devotion to former topless model Carole Caplin has long been a political embarrassment to her husband, we hope she gets a lot out of it.

Carole tries out a possible new look for Cherie

We hope that the crystals round her neck help to ward off evils spirits or whatever they’re supposed to do.

We hope the showers which she shares with Carole have the desired effect in ridding her of the toxins.

And we hope that the exercises that she does with Carole to release her sexual chakras give her husband succour after a hard day at war with the enemy du jour.

We hope so because Carole is manifestly appalling at the one thing that she admits to helping Cherie with, namely her dress sense.

Hello! has a picture of the first lady of British politics at an event called the Chocolate Ball, an event to raise money for Sargent Cancer Care For Children.

And all we can truthfully say about it is that, from the outfit Cherie is wearing, we can understand why Carole Caplin spent so much of her life semi-naked.’

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