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Conduct Unbecoming?

by | 25th, March 2004

”THE blonde soldier at the centre of an army bonking case had at least 12 lovers of BOTH sexes, The Sun can reveal.’

Warrant Officer Angela McConnell arrives late for the indoor rugger match

Ho hum. And where is the ‘revelation’ in that, exactly?

Admittedly, we weren’t aware that hermaphrodites were in quite such plentiful supply in the modern Army.

But given that male soldiers are never happier than when they are getting into drag under various pretexts, and make up almost 100 per cent of all sex-change operations performed in this country, we can’t say we’re surprised that some recruits defy strict either/or categorisation. But we digress.

‘The case of The Mucky Major has done little for the Army’s reputation,’ says the Sun, and again we disagree.

On the contrary, the Army’s reputation as a hotbed of sleaze has never been stronger.

This case has merely confirmed that Our Boys like nothing more than to get together and take their clothes off – and, if there’s a young popsie on hand to lend a spurious air of heterosexual high-jinks, then that’s a bonus.

‘Sex-mad officers drop their trousers and the girls just have to grin,’ announces the headline on Page 6. Well, what else are they supposed to do as they stand there twiddling their thumbs?

The article explains that there’s nothing the chaps love more than ‘stripping off’.

‘They’ll drop their trousers for the slightest reason,’ reveals Warrant Officer Angela McConnell, the lady at the centre of the case. ‘Whether it’s for a dare or to play indoor rugby in the mess, they don’t care.’

The paper says that the ‘bonking major’ episode has been particularly damaging for the King’s Royal Hussars, which, as it points out, has ‘close links to the Royals’.

Oops. Another embarrassment beckons.’

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