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Of Mice And Men

by | 25th, March 2004

‘THE National Mouse Club was established in 1985 by the Victorians with the purpose of promoting ‘the breeding and exhibition of fancy mice’.

It’s a job for…The Great Mouse Detective

Since then, it has outgrown its roots in the East End of London and now boasts 150 members drawn from ten regional clubs.

But never in the club’s 109-year history has there been a scandal like there was at the Spring Cup Show, held at the end of February at the village hall in Snareshill, near Wolverhampton.

No-one is sating exactly what went on that fateful Sunday, but the Times has heard allegations that one member got drunk and punched another member before strangling his prize-winning mouse.

Bob Chappell, a meat wholesaler from Shrewsbury and owner of said mouse, admitted that his chocolate and tan rodent had been found dead in its cage.

‘It is true there was an incident involving another member who is being investigated, but that is nothing to do with the death of the mouse,’ he said.

‘That could have been from a heart attack or a number of other reasons. The altercation with the member was just the last straw that broke the camel’s back.’

Dead mice, paralysed camels and a disgruntled meat wholesaler…no wonder club secretary Brian Cookson does not want to discuss the incident.

‘Whatever happened,’ he told the Times, ‘is nothing to do with you if you are not a member.’

Donit worry, Mr Cookson – our application form’s in the post.’

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