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by | 25th, March 2004

‘DOES anyone remember what Sadie Frost is actually famous for, apart of course from being married and more recently not being married to Jude Law? Oh, and for being a friend of Kate Moss.

What happened next?

No, we haven’t got a clue either. She’s a bit like the guests who used to appear on Celebrity Squares, the only reason they were celebrities being that they used to appear on Celebrity Squares.

So, when E4 entitles a programme What Sadie Did Next, is it presupposing that we know what Sadie did before or is it just a way for the programme makers to mask their own ignorance?

Anyway, what Sadie is doing after doing whatever it was she did before is a new arts programme which involves Sadie interviewing (if that is not too impressive a word for what she actually does) pals like Gwyneth Paltrow, Samantha Morton and Tracey Emin.’

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