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by | 26th, March 2004

‘WHILE Tony Blair and Colonel Gaddafi talk tents and plan a future meeting at Tony’s canvas expanse somewhere in Greenwich, our leader’s Government press on with making this country even better.

‘Charles is easily influenced by Tony and bigger boys’

And better is what things can only get, so long as the Government tries harder and learns to pay attention and not be easily distracted by what’s going on elsewhere.

To aid improvements, the Times hears the Government unveil plans to send parents two-page reports each year on how their children’s schools are performing.

The “school profile” is being championed by Charles Clarke, the Education Secretary, who sees these reports as a “more rounded” way of telling parents how things are going.

The updates will allow parents to see more than just what examination results and league tables allow, he says.

Included will be such invaluable information as the school’s sporting and community activities, data on classroom performance and a summary of Ofsted’s (the education watchdog) inspection judgements.

The report will also, as is the way with school reports, be routinely lost and in the post, fall victim to hungry dogs, and stolen by “big boys” on its way from school to home.’

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