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Take It To The Max

by | 26th, March 2004

‘“MAXINE TO FACE FURY OF THE MOB,” predicts the front page of the caring Express.

‘I ‘eard she killed Princess Di ‘n’ all’

Yes, Maxine Carr is due in court today to face fraud charges, and there’s trouble brewing.

Police “admitted” that emotions were running high, by which they mean that emotions are running high in the minds of the handful of nutters who take it upon themselves to stand in the street and conduct a public orgy of violent “emoting”.

On page 8, the paper ups the ante, warning of “Maxine riot scare”, and reporting the concerns of police – just above the helpful paragraph describing where exactly the court is situated.

So what are you waiting for? Get those wheelchair wheels pumped and walking sticks polished and head for Peterborough immediately.

Our contingent is meeting under the banner that says: “BRING BACK THE ROPE: Read the Daily Express.”’

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