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Foul-Mouthed Cox

by | 29th, March 2004

‘THE Daily Mail brings news of an official BBC apology after an obscene comment was made during the Boat Race.

‘Where the fuck do you think you’re going?’

Several million viewers turned on their television sets, only to hear the traditional words: ‘Oh ****, not the ****ing Boat Race!’ from their own mouths.

But this it was a different outburst of swearing that prompted the corporation to beg our pardon.

Following the example of Sir Steve Redgrave, who swore during a live interview at the Olympics, the Cambridge cox was heard to say, ‘Now it’s time to f*** them’ as his crew pulled away at the end. (‘Pulled away’ in the rowing sense, that is.)

The BBC said it had had ‘a small number of complaints’ about the incident, which the cox himself described as a ‘heat-of-the-moment thing’.

The deluge of complaints were about an incident moments later, when a sound engineer could be clearly heard saying: ‘F***! D’you hear what that c*** just said? I don’t f***ing believe it! S***!

‘That’ll be a f***ing classic in a year or two. Wait till Steve Penk gets hold of it! Oi, Chris, I was just saying to this lot, you won’t believe what that Cambridge c*** has gone and done…”

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