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Salad Dodgers

by | 30th, March 2004

‘YESTERDAY saw the much-trumpeted introduction of the calorific McCaesar Salad into the McDonald’s branch on London’s famous Strand.

Staff get up early to prepare Vanessa Feltz’s breakfast

But when the Telegraph went along expecting to see kids begging their parents to buy them a bowl of lettuce instead of yet another Big Mac, it was disappointed.

The McFlurrys, McChicken Premieres and McNuggets were enjoying a brisk trade, it says, along with the 804-calorie Big Tasty burger, but nary a salad was in evidence.

The signs at the store told of a Brave New McWorld of salad, fruit and yoghurt, all washed down with Evian water, but the reality was very different.

The paper spied only one customer eating salad at a table at lunchtime – ‘and he turned out to be French’.

However, he declined to give the paper his name, fearing no doubt the retribution in his homeland when news got out of his gastronomic faux pas.’

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