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Noble Calling

by | 30th, March 2004

‘COULD it be that Britney Spears has a secret muse in the curvy shape of Emma Noble, one-time underwear model and one-time wife to James Major?

Emma waits for the call from Martin Scorsese

Not only are both advocates of the adage that a husband is for Christmas and not for life, but Britney’s transition from blonde to brunette came only days after a similar metamorphosis by Emma.

However, there the similarities end.

Britney may have struggled in her forays into the acting (as anyone who has seen Crossroads will attest), but Emma has made the difficult move from modelling to acting ‘with the greatest of ease’.

In fact, you’ll have probably seen her queuing up with her fellow thespians for her giro recently.

But it wasn’t just boredom that spurred Emma to dye her hair back to its natural colour after 10 years as a blonde. There were professional reasons too.

‘I think there are more roles for leading women who are brunettes,’ Emma explains to OK! ‘And on the whole they are far more interesting parts as well.

‘The blonde bombshell doesn’t seem to really go down too well in this film-making culture.’

Cynics who sought to put Emma’s absence from our TV screens since the sad demise of Crossroads down to a lack of talent, eat your words.

It was hair colour that has been holding her back and, with the help of her colourist at Jo Hansford, Hollywood beckons.

And not just Hollywood – Emma has got an autobiography coming out later this year, which (says OK!) ‘is sure to be a riveting read’, detailing her rise from a model to an, er, ex-model.

With the foundations on which she built her career, judging by the pictures in OK!, still very much in place, it is not too much to suggest that we fully expect to see Emma very soon back on the top shelf [surely, the top of her profession – Ed] where she belongs.’

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