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We Love Lucy

by | 31st, March 2004

‘THIS is the end. Today marks the death of this column as a daily piece, and what more fitting way to go than with an episode of Footballers’ Wives.

‘How dare you say I can’t act!’

And the death knell will be struck by Gary Lucy, the worst actor to have appeared on our screens since Hollyoaks finished at 7pm.

Incidentally, Lucy used to appear on that Chester-based soap, where he played a brooding young male who could model a bit and play football a bit more.

These days, his football skills have improved and the leaps and bounds made in his acting allow him to walk past Top Man’s window display with his head held high.

If ever a sequel to the 1980s flick Mannequin is made, Lucy is a shoo-in to make it big in Hollywood as the all-standing, all-posing clothes’ horse of Andrew McCarthy’s dreams.

But that’s enough. It’s time for Lucy to make us eat our words – and his fist – with some bare-knuckle boxing.

Come on, Gary – give it your best shot. We can take it. We only ask in return that when you are an international star, you look at your clenched fist and remember us.

Bye. Or as they say in Footballs’ Wives, “Shag yer later…“’

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