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Bubble Rap

by | 1st, April 2004

‘THERE’S nothing dodgy about this story – it’s in more than one paper – but the bosses at Nestlé will be wishing that it were an April Fool.

Shit In A Box

“CHOCK ‘EM ALL AWAY” says the Star, reporting on a mishap at the Aero factory.

A worker at the factory apparently tampered with the printing machine used to stamp the wrappers.

And just as 20 pallets piled high with Aeros were about to leave the factory someone noticed the problem.

Nestlé officials confirmed that a “misprint” had indeed been spotted, and the paper reveals that the words “SH*T BAR” had been inserted into the “best before” panel.

It should of course have read “SHIT BAR”. All mislabelled bars have now been recalled.’

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