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Addicted To Love

by | 1st, April 2004

‘“HELLO. My name is Petrina and I am addicted to therapy.”

‘I’ve got AA at 10, NA at 11, SLAA at 12, TA at 1, I’m flying BA at 2, seeing the DA at 3…’

“Hello, Petrina.”

“I am 23 years old and I have been in therapy for addiction to cannabis, addiction to alcohol, addiction to love and of course addiction to addiction.

“I consult my therapist about when to cross the road and where to cross the road. I consult my therapist about when to eat and what to eat.

“Hell, I even consult my therapist about when to consult my therapist and what to consult her about.

“I am what is popularly known as a screw-up, but my surname’s Khashoggi, my real father’s Jonathan Aitken, I am a model and, it says here, an aspiring writer and, if you want to hear me share, you’ll have to pay for it”

“Hello!, Petrina?”

“That’s right. Buy a copy of this week’s Hello!”

And so it is that 23-year-old Petrina Khashoggi “sets the record straight about her love addiction and reveals why she is moving to New York” in the pages of the glossiest magazine of them all.

“I am a girl who loves being in love but not necessarily for the right reasons,” she reveals, weeks after being spotted attending a meeting at Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous.

“The funny thing is that I was actually told to go to the meeting by a therapist, so I just went to see what it is like.

“Little did I know that someone in the room was going to pass it on to the press. It’s supposed to be anonymous, like AA and NA, which I have attended as well.”

Of course, because why wouldn’t you?

One only wonders how Petrina managed to find the time between all her meetings to get addicted to all the things to which she is supposedly addicted.

But those were only secondary addictions. “According to my therapist,” she says, “my primary addiction is love.”

Love of therapy, love of addiction and, yes, love of addiction therapy.

Her most recent bout of counselling concerned the breakdown of her relationship with 25-year-old Tom Anson…after four months.

There are one-night stands that last longer than that.

But why, prey, did the couple split up?

“I went to see the therapist before we split up at the beginning of February,” says Petrina. “She has a lot to do with the decision and I agreed with her.”

After all, therapy is nothing if it’s not about giving people the tools to make their own decisions. Eh, Petrina? Petrina. What do you mean you’ve got another appointment?’

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