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Lady V Sign

by | 1st, April 2004

‘AND so we never did find out why Petrina Khashoggi is moving to New York – but we imagine it is for similar reasons that persuaded Lady Victoria Hervey to head west.

‘London is, hic, much more superficial’

No-one wanted her here.

Hello! catches up with Lady V in Ethiopia and explains that the 27-year-old, er, lady has found her true home ‘away from the goldfish bowl of London life and in the more laidback Hollywood’.

‘My title works for me there whereas it didn’t in London,’ she explains, referring presumably to the title she inherited from her father rather than her title as The Biggest Freeloader In The Western World.

‘In London, the press seems to be against anyone who goes out and has fun. I always felt people were bitter about the fact that I had a title.’

Bitter? No. We think you’ll find that people couldn’t care less whether you had a title or not – they just didn’t like you.

In fact, the only people who think the fact that your father was the 6th Marquess Of Bristol is of any interest or relevance at all are you, Hello! magazine and the Yanks.

Lady Victoria may be as deep as the shallow end of a pygmy gnat’s swimming pool (which is why presumably she fits in so well in California), but she’s surely perfectly suited to taking over from the late Alistair Cooke and broadcasting a letter from America each week.

Her first observations are typically astute, centring on the how much care people in Los Angeles take over their appearance.

London, by contrast, ‘is much more superficial’.

Oh, Alistair Cooke must be rolling in his still warm grave…’

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