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Give Him Enough Grope

by | 2nd, April 2004

”I HAVE done things which I thought were playful but now I recognise I have offended people,’ Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted some months ago.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, the Governor of California’

No, he’s not referring to Twins. Or even Kindergarten Cop. He speaks of course of his Groping Shame – a series of revelations by women who have experienced the Governor of California’s style of hands-on government.

The Star reminds us that Arnie pulled ‘busty telly interviewer Anna Richardson’ onto his knee and said: ‘I really want to know if your breasts are real.’

Now the 56-year-old Lothario has ‘taken lessons in how to avoid groping women’, and the paper says that he volunteered for the two-hour optional course.

That’s the one where participants are familiarised with all the different forms of lewd behaviour from the suggestive comment to breast-fondling to the old hand on the thigh trick.

They are then encouraged to perform them in order that they can recognise groping behaviour wherever it occurs, and thus avoid it in the future.

If this is not fully successful in altering behaviour, a longer course is then available.’

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