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by | 2nd, April 2004

‘REGULAR readers will know what fans we are of the Sky One, er, drama series Mile High, following the fortunes of budget airline Fresh! and all her fly in her.

If you look closely enough, Tracey, you can see your career disappearing’

You may have suspected that this had something to do with improbable plotlines that could put Footballers’ Wives to shame and the regular bedroom antics of the Fresh! cabin crew.

You would, however, have been mistaken – our interest in Mile High owes everything to the courage with which it tackles some of the hottest topics of our times.

For instance, this weekend’s episode sees drama on board a flight to Malaga (one of about three destinations to which Fresh!, it seems, flies) when a passenger hears a young Asian on his mobile saying goodbye to his family and asking for forgiveness.

Needless to say, the issue is treated with the sensitivity that you would expect from the people who brought us Dream Team. Oh – and there’s plenty of sex as well…’

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