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Karl On His Todd

by | 2nd, April 2004

‘SPRING is here and the residents of Weatherfield are getting frisky. Mike Baldwin and Penny King are leaping in and out of bed like Premiership footballers, Shelly’s dating her mother’s ex and Todd’s about to discover just how accommodating the NHS can be.

‘I want to get into your Todd’s pants’

Nurse Karl and Todd have been getting closer and closer: spending every evening in the pub ‘bonding’. “Sarah’s so possessive and demanding,” slurred Todd in an altogether untruthful way as they staggered home from the pub.

Todd dropped his keys and as the pair bent down to pick them up they almost brushed lips, leaving a confused Todd to rush off home and Karl smirking in the alleyway.

Karl came into work the next day sporting a black eye that his boyfriend had given him. “He accused me of fancyin’ someone at work,” Karl told Todd. “And do you?” stammered Todd. “What do you think?” Karl replied.

Sarah Lou, completely unaware of what’s been going on, invited Karl to stay with them. “We can all squeeze in together,” she innocently told Karl as he chocked on his pint.

The very next morning, Karl had managed to get into Todd’s pants, when he cheekily told Sarah Lou that he didn’t have any clean and could he borrow some of Todd’s.

Karl will be getting into more than Todd’s pants soon, however, as next week the pair go out and Todd comes out. Let’s hope Sarah Lou can get a refund on those wedding invites.

Elsewhere on The Street, Ashley and nanny Claire have finally made it into bed too, but not before a few false starts. Claire was convinced that Ashley didn’t fancy her as he had yet to pounce on her, so she went to Maria for advice (well if there’s anyone who knows about getting men’s trousers off, it’s her).

Maria decided to dress Claire as a cheap prostitute (wonder if they raided Liz or Cilla’s wardrobe?), a look which Ashley found more terrifying than appealing. “You look different,” he squeaked before taking refuge behind the sofa.

Although Claire’s war paint and mini skirt may have been removed now, she’s still retained some of that battleaxe aura. Upon spotting Penny in the street, she went out to give her a piece of her mind.

Claire is the only person who isn’t falling of Penny and Mike’s lies about their relationship being purely professional (unless they mean ‘professional’ in the Cynthia Payne capacity).

Ashley spotted Mike leaving Penny’s house at 11 o’clock at night and giving her a kiss on the doorstep. Fred confronted Mike but the little Cockney knicker-maker managed to persuade Fred that it was purely innocent.

“Oh that!” he scoffed. “I was dropping some tax files round,” as you do at 11 o’clock at night. Poor Fred is still convinced that Penny is about to accept his marriage proposal and is already planning a June wedding.

“I’ve got your number lady,” Claire told Penny, “I’m not going to let you take Fred for a ride,” she continued. Poor Fred, I imagine that’s precisely what he was hoping for.’

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