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What If

by | 5th, April 2004

‘SOME people are fascinated with playing the game of ‘What if…’

Great Big Britain

What would have happened if Hitler had won the war, what would Al Gore have done as US President had the 2000 election not been rigged, what would have happened if Mrs Bin Laden had bought young Osama an Arsenal shirt for his birthday.

Of course, such speculation is a ridiculous pastime, with hypothesis being piled on hypothesis – but it does sometime serve to warn us of the direction in which we’re heading.

Tonight sees the last part of BBC2’s ‘If…’ programmes, which aim to show what life might be like in future if current trends continue.

If we don’t stop eating, the answer appears to be that by 2020 we’ll be really fat.

No surprises there – but more interesting is how the NHS will cope, what it will mean to life expectancy and how a country’s infrastructure will have to adapt to cope with the extra bulk.

In fact, we will become Texas 2004…’

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