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Celebrity Matey

by | 6th, April 2004

”THE Beckhams are fantastic. Victoria is hilarious and beautiful.’ And when Davinia Taylor was married, she was so nervous her husband-to-be had to stroke her hand!

If you look carefully, you can just see Kate Moss in the foreground

Just some of the stunning revelations we are privy to in OK!’s interview with the ‘incredibly warm’ and ‘endlessly bubbly’ Jacuzzi bath of life that is the former Hollyoaks actress.

And the warmth and bubbles don’t end there because, four pages into the piece, Davinia feels the urge to fill her upstairs whirlpool bath with warm water, a generous dash of Celebrity Matey and trail her hand in it.

Had husband David Gardner been there, there’d have been no need for the hot tub, since he’d have stroked his beloved’s hand in the way only he can.

Not that Davinia is short of attention and people to call upon. At the flicker of an eyelid, she conjures up the names Kate Moss and two Frosts, Sadie and Jenny, among those she calls friends.

Having already mentioned the Beckhams, we realise that Davinia is something of a new breed. She’s not A-lister, D-lister or even a Z-list ligger – she is a Plus Oner.

Davinia is the woman who makes up the guest list, the filler. Just cock an ear to OK!’s question of her proximity to one Ms Frost.

‘You live opposite Sadie Frost. With everything that’s happened to her recently, are you always being photographed?’

What, in the background, like a tree or a parked car?

Things have gotten so extreme that Davinia stops bubbling for a minute to tell us how even her home enabled her to forge a new showbiz connection – she purchased ‘Supernova Heights’ from Noel Gallagher and Meg Matthews.

Only, we’re not sure if she told any of the showbiz set that call round that the Gallaghers ever moved out…’

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