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A Protest Thong

by | 7th, April 2004

‘THE anti-war protestors who marched on Parliament lacked a charismatic leader, a chant (‘Not in my name’ was decidedly uncatchy) and above all else a decent song.

Every protest needs a protest song. But who to sing it? Gareth Gates? Will Young? Westlife? They at least would be able to sing a cover version of someone else’s call for rebellion, although the stools would have to go.

But really there is only ever one candidate to gel the masses, and it has to be Bob Dylan, the reedy-voiced man with the simple cadence and incisive lyrics.

But ‘All along the watchtower, homesick blues, rolling stone mama’ will have to wait a while yet because Dylan is currently campaigning against unfeminine – and chafing – underwear.

The Independent lets it be known that Dylan has well and truly sold out and is now appearing in an advert for the lingerie company Victoria’s Secret.

In the advert, Dylan is in Venice, crooning a song called Love Sick while model Adrianna Lima skips around town in a bra, panties and a pair of what we imagine to be highly symbolic spiked heels.

‘I’m walking,’ whines Dylan, ‘through streets that are dead; I’m walking, with you in my head…My feet are so tired, my brain is so wired.

‘Not in my name, it’s a real pain, not in my name, not in my name…’ [Repeat until no-one is listening]’

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