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Becks, Sex And Text

by | 8th, April 2004

‘DAVID Beckham was yesterday awarded a trophy at the British Book Awards for the fastest selling biography in publishing history.

‘Hands up who hasn’t slept with David Beckham!’

And he could well be in line for another literary award as it emerges this morning that the England captain was having text relationships with half of Madrid.

While Becks was tell the waiting Press that his wife ‘is the only girl in my life’, the Mirror lists four more women who it is claimed had secret trysts with him.

ONE-NIL! Rebecca Loos, the 26-year-old PA who is expected to spill more secrets at the weekend of her alleged affair with the Real Madrid No.23, claims he snogged supermodel Esther Canadas during a night out last year.

TWO-NIL! A redhead called Helia went on Spanish TV to claim that Becks had three sexual encounters with a short blonde girl in the toilets of Café Budha.

THREE-NIL! Madrid party girl Nuria Bermudez (nicknamed Muchas Tetas because of her ample curves) claims she had sex with him in his hotel room and received sexy texts from him.

FOUR-NIL! ‘David texted more than one girl,’ Nuria says. ‘I’m one of them and I know at least one more.’

In fact, this same Nuria (whose reputation, the Mirror says, puts a huge question mark against her claims) alleges that Becks has slept with nine women since he arrived in Spain.

We’re not sure whether his wife is included in that nine, but the Mail suggests that the midfielder’s diary was so full that he had to schedule more than one at a time.

‘Did Becks have 3-in-a-bed sex?’ asks the Mail, reporting on claims that will apparently surface at the weekend after Rebecca Loos sold her story for £350,000.

But the paper instantly cast doubt on the former PA’s reliability, branding her a sexual predator who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

One former friend tells the paper: ‘Rebecca wants to make herself out as a sweet girl who was used and abused by a selfish star, but I find it hard to imagine anyone more manipulative.

‘To put it bluntly, she is a slag.’

And Posh, according to the Star, is a slapper.

The paper that no longer supports British builders has a world exclusive, claiming that a furious Victoria slapped her husband across the face as the pair held crisis talks to save their marriage.

How do they know? Perhaps they read it in yesterday’s Mail…’

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