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by | 8th, April 2004

‘WHATEVER you think of Victoria Beckham, there is no doubt that she is very much the victim of the piece, although you wouldn’t know that reading most of the coverage of her husband’s alleged infidelities.

Victoria Beckham gets one over on her twin sister

Finally, however, a woman comes out in defence of La Posh – Sun showbiz editor Victoria Newton says she is ‘disgusted’ by what has been said about her namesake.

‘Her husband is alleged to have had an affair and somehow it’s Victoria’s fault,’ she says. ‘Excuse me but did I miss something there?’

Well, it appears that you might have missed yesterday’s edition of Anorak, which made exactly the same point – but we’ll let that pass.

‘The truth is,’ Ms Newton continues, ‘she’s a hard-working mum who puts her children first, for which we should salute her.

‘She represents all that is good about Britain – she’s hard working, caring and a good role model.’

Not so, says Amanda Platell in the Daily Mail, who admits that her first reaction to claims that Becks was having an affair was, ‘Who could blame the poor soul?’

‘If every woman in the country who felt even a shred of sympathy for Victoria gave a tenner,’ she claims, ‘there’s be just enough to buy a handbag from TopShop.’

And that is just a prelude to a diatribe of such unparalleled snobbery and nastiness that even Mail readers (raised on a daily diet of snobbery and nastiness) might be taken aback.

‘As a female role model, she is past parody,’ she concludes. ‘As a model of physical beauty, she is past plastic. Victoria is greedy, grafting and graceless.

‘Everything about her is fake – the tan, the breasts, the lips, the nails, the hair. The only real thing about Victoria Beckham is her ambition.

‘And that’s why women can’t stand her, and why we are all siding with David. That girl had it coming.’

And you, Amanda, have got it coming as well, we suspect.’

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