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Happy Pappy

by | 8th, April 2004

‘ONE man who must have cried more than most is George Bush Senior.

‘Come in, Number 41, your time is up’

But his younger namesake is doing his best to make dear ol’ pappy happy – hell, Dubya’s even trying to give his dad the one thing he always wanted but could never quite get: Iraq.

If things go to plan, the desert lands will just one of the many great gifts George Bush Sr receives when he celebrates his 80th birthday party.

And, as the Times reports, what a show it will be, with tickets for the bash costing up to one million dollars and the birthday boy arriving by parachute.

Those buying the top-priced $1m tickets – the show is called 41@80, in reference to Bush’s position as America’s 41st President (his son, we learn, is weepingly known as ’43’ in family circles) – will see the former US Navy pilot sky-dive for one last time.

They will also receive four invitations to a dinner with Bush Sr, two invites to a celebrity golf tournament, access to a VIP reception and a train trip to the presidential library to see the parachute jump.

Music will be provided by Wynonna and Randy Travis, country music star (it says here) Lee Greenwood and ‘Christian cross-over’ artists Amy Grant and Michael W Smith.

Catering will be by the prime minister of Japan’s personal chefs and belly laughs come courtesy of the best comedy act in Washington – Dubya & The Hanging Chads.’

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