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Mother Of Inventions

by | 8th, April 2004

‘IMAGINE the Innovations catalogue on a much grander scale and you have the inventors’ trade fair in Geneva, highlights of which this year include a vibrating condom, an anti-haemorrhoid chair and a ‘Crazy Assistant’ that helps disabled people put on underpants, socks and stockings.

With that line-up, who could resist a visit?

The condom with an inbuilt vibrator was created by a Taiwanese man, while the anti-haemorrhoid chair, which sends a scent of medicinal herbs through the seat which are then warmed by a candle, is of South-Korean origin.

They are among hundreds of different inventions from 42 countries, which also include a fork-knife-tong for cutting cream cakes and a solar-airplane designed by renowned inventor Betrand Piccard.

Can you afford to be without one?’

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