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The Joy Of Text

by | 13th, April 2004

‘THE Daily Mail has a theory that the trouble with Posh and Becks is not rooted in his trousers or her reluctance to live in Madrid, but in text messaging.

‘I want to **** your **** too, Peter Pan!’

‘2 Hell WITH TXT MANIACS’!’ screams the paper, before telling its reader how this new speak has already destroyed grammar and is now ruining relationships.

The Mail is right, of course, and David must crush his mobile phones like so much velvet if he and her Poshness are to stand any chance of making it.

The alluring curves of these phones, their come-hither screens and those buttons that yearn to be pressed are too much temptation for any man, let alone one who advertises them for a living.

Some, however, are made of sterner stuff, and among their number are Jon Wright and Becky Dale.

The Express says that when Jon attempted to contact a friend via text message to wish them a happy New Year, he misdialled the number and inadvertently sent his text to the aforesaid Miss Dale, hitherto a stranger to him.

It says something about Miss Dale’s state of mind and, dare it be said, the state of her social life that, even though she knew not from whom the message had come and despite the fact that it was New Year’s Eve, she still replied: ‘Happy Nu Year 2 U 2, But Who R U?’

Jon got back to her with a texted apology. She laughed it off in another text message. And before long the pair were in the throes of a romance.

Seven weeks after that first text, they met, and now 15 months later, and with thumbs throbbing from the rigours of love, Jon and Becky are united in matrimony.

‘All I know is that fate brought Becky and me together,’ says Jon in the Sun. ‘I’m so grateful that I misdialled that number.’

Which makes us wonder if it was a misdialled number that brought Becks into contact with Rebecca Loos and Sarah Marbeck?

Or figures of an altogether different kind?’

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