Anorak News | By George (At Asda)!

By George (At Asda)!

by | 14th, April 2004

‘SINCE we know Tony Blair to be a youthful type with silken, wavy hair and the body of a teenage girl gymnast, we wonder if it really is him out there on the Bermudan front line and not some much older double.

A pair of Anorak Comfi-Slax is on its way to you, Marion

Not that grandparents are over the hill these days. The Sun says that a survey conducted by the Centre For Population Studies has found that grandmas today are ‘younger, fitter and busier’ than ever before.

They are, in the Sun’s opinion, ‘SUPERGRAN’. And ‘Just grantastic’. ‘If you have a supergran in your family,’ it says, ‘give her a big kiss today and say thanks.’

And if she’s called Marion Richardson, make that kiss long and lingering, and, if you can stomach it, plant it somewhere south of her mouth.

Marion is every ounce the attractive, busy, fit modern grandma, and it’s an allure that has not been harmed one jot by her recent £17m win on the Lottery.

‘I’ve always wanted to be Shirley Valentine,’ says the grandmother, ‘and have my stretch marks kissed.’

And thanks to her win, her simple dream is one step closer to being realised.

But you Romeos will not catch up with Marion on some Greek idyll but in Beverly Hills, where, according to the Express, she is to take her millions on a shopping trip.

‘I shop at George at Asda and I don’t know what sort of clothes rich people buy, but I’m going to see,’ says she.

We, of course, do know: the rich buy Anorak Comfi-Slax with cut-away sides to reveal the fuller figure and allow easy access to those delicious stretch marks.’

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